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Sun, Nov. 1st, 2009, 12:45 pm
rougewinter: Shopping: Fanfic+Fanart

Title: Shopping
Disclaimer: Warner Bros owns the film; Vertigo owns the comic book series. Seeing as I own neither, it would only follow John Constantine and related characters are not mine.
Warning: NC-17/Adult.
Pairing: Movie!John/Balthazar
Summary: John. Balthy. Shopping. PWP. Takes place after Laundry Day.
A/N: Many thanks to meowen for reading this over for me. Absolutely appreciate you, hun! The picture follows directly after the story so it's recommended to read the story first.

Note: entry is for members of ___bxc. I didn't want to spam up anyone's inbox with large multiple x-posts but let me know if you'd prefer I post it here anyway and I will. :)