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I hadn't realized how many stories have been lost to purges. Does anyone have a copy of this fix?

"Red" by bellacosity: John thought he was being courteous by doing it in the bathtub.

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I remember reading this amazing fanfiction years ago, and can't seem to find it anymore.

The premise was this: Lucifer decides to follow up on his comment (in the movie) about taking a vacation. Heaven commissions Constantine to basically be his keeper during his time in the living realm.

What I remember most about this fic was the incredible writing. There were beautiful descriptions of curling sigils, and winding enochian scripts.

I am desperate to read this story again. Can anyone help me find out what happened to this story?

i was blind as can be.

10 Years!

Hey guys, I can't believe it's been 10 years since Constantine came out this year.
And ten years since some of the fic was posted.
Anyway, seeing as it's a decade down the line, I was wondering if anyone archived that crazy epic 'Club Dominion' series, I wanted to re-read it in all of its gory glory for old time's sake, and it appears to have been erased from the internet altogether.

Any help would be great :)
Hisoka's butterfly

Familiar Territory

Title: Familiar Territory
Author: Fenikkusu Ai
Claim: Lucifer/John Constantine
Table: General #10
Prompt: #9 Toothache
Rating: M
Summary: No light would penetrate this filth.
Word Count: 617

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Shopping: Fanfic+Fanart

Title: Shopping
Disclaimer: Warner Bros owns the film; Vertigo owns the comic book series. Seeing as I own neither, it would only follow John Constantine and related characters are not mine.
Warning: NC-17/Adult.
Pairing: Movie!John/Balthazar
Summary: John. Balthy. Shopping. PWP. Takes place after Laundry Day.
A/N: Many thanks to meowen for reading this over for me. Absolutely appreciate you, hun! The picture follows directly after the story so it's recommended to read the story first.

Note: entry is for members of ___bxc. I didn't want to spam up anyone's inbox with large multiple x-posts but let me know if you'd prefer I post it here anyway and I will. :)


Johnny Boy: Constantine

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Yo, guys!
Been a while, huh?
Sorry 'bout that...
But I want to actually keep this community alive!
So, let's get it started again!

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