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hellblazerslash's Journal

See You In Hell
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w e l c o m e

@> Fanbase for both "Hellblazer" comic and "Constantine" movie slashers

@> Fanfiction, fanart, fic recs, discussions, meta-discussions pertaining to Hellblazer/Constantine are welcomed.

@> Required info for any fics: Title; Author; Rating; Spoilers (yes/no and for movie/issue #); Pairing (if you can provide)

@> Posting of Constantine/Hellblazer icons allowed, as long as you're the one who made them. A proper icon-post should have at least 3 icons. > 8 = LJ-Cut.

@> Non-worksafe images go under cuts.

@> Fake cuts allowed.

@> For pure movie slash, take a look at constatineslash.

y o u r l i m i t s

@> Spoilers for recent comic issues AND movie must go under cut.

@> Large images must go under cut.

@> No flaming. (pun unintended)

@> All posts must be related to Hellblazer (the comic) or Constantine (the movie)

h e l p

@> How to make an Lj-cut: <lj-cut> stuff under cut </lj-cut> stuff outside cut