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Sat, Dec. 10th, 2011, 09:48 am
fennikusu_ai: Reaction, #8 Pet, Constantine, Lucifer/John

Title: Reaction
Author: Fenikkusu Ai
Claim: Lucifer/John Constantine
Table: General #10
Prompt: #8 Pet
Rating: M
Summary: Lucifer knew that his grip was like iron when he grabs John's frail shoulder.
Word Count: 452

His exorcist needed a collar. A good old-fashioned leather collar. John was a wayward dog who needed discipline, and he was willing to do the job.

Sit? Heel? Beg? That would be elementary compared to what he would do when he was in his kennel.

John was a fascinating subject, and he wondered how long it would take for John to break. Not days knowing the exorcist—his exorcist's-stubbornness. But weeks? Months? Years? Lucifer imagined how he would pant. How he would plead on his knees in a pool of his despair.

And, he would laugh because John had been put down there by actions and a bad attitude all of his own will. Truly, John was his own worst enemy. It was a pity he would never know it. It would be like unraveling a tightly wound knot, and Lucifer would undo John ever so slowly. Teasingly. Until his sanity was but a memory.

On the asphalt, he "accidentally" runs into John and isn't surprised when John assumes that he is in control. The magician attempted to push past him, and Lucifer wouldn't be shoved aside tonight.

"Stay, my pet," he growls. Lucifer knew that his grip was like iron when he grabs John's frail shoulder.

The poor boy was drunk again, and now he was going to lick his wounds at his apartment. Maybe Johnny should get a girlfriend. He had stopped seeing…what's-her-name weeks ago…Angela was it? But no, he wanted to protect her, and maybe he was smart to do this. Friends of the great John Constantine often ended up dead and sometimes even haunted his lair. John was a waste of life. A waste of time. A waste of space.

Lucifer saw through the heavy authority John presumed rested on his shoulders like he was carrying the very world on them with all the arrogance of a demon. Lucifer sometimes wondered if he could honestly fix himself before it was too late. If John's "miracle" was even possible, but ego was ego after all, and ego was his domain.

Lucifer gleefully took the opportunity to catch him off guard; grabbing onto his tie with force like a leash. "Sometimes, you're the only thing I think about," he confessed.

Lucifer relished the shock and obvious fear in his eyes. He smiled wide. So. He had finally gotten a reaction out of him. That didn't happen everyday. Lucifer concluded that John's defenses were down. How perfect.

"Asshole!" John bared his nicotine-stained teeth.

Lucifer smirked as he watched him go only to run into him another day, and one day would be the last day. John was such a tease in making him wait.

And good pets never outlived their masters.

Sat, Dec. 10th, 2011 05:39 pm (UTC)

Aww. I'm guessing black tulips next. Or a human-heart-shaped box of roasted nut-chocolates. From ego to ego. :) Thanks for posting!

Sun, Dec. 11th, 2011 06:04 am (UTC)

Black tulips sound nice. I've never seen a black tulip before. I'm glad that you liked it. :)